A faszinating Adventure - Sailing Cuba

Cuba - "La Isla Grande", The largest island in the Caribbean offers adventurous cruising in beautiful waters and warm and friendly cuban people style wherever you choose to venture ashore.
Spotless white sandy beaches, coconut palms and an underwater world that is home to five hundred species of fish and fifty different coral types surround this exciting island. Choose your sailing and diving Holiday with our fleet of Bavaria yachts and different catamarans.


Sailing south of Cuba:The coastlines and “cayos” of these sailing areas are lined with spotless white sandy beaches and low-lying islands of coral reefs where you can spend your days swimming, snorkelling, diving and fishing. Cruising east of the Caribbean coast you pas the beautiful beaches of Guajimico, Playa Ingles and futher Ancón Beach, Cayo Blanco, Cayo Machos de Fuera and Cayo Cinco Balas. The stunning scenery of these beauty spots make a breathtaking backdrop for an evening of al fresco dining. The two main island groups along the central southern shore of Cuba are the biggest Marine Nature Park of the Caribbean “Los Jardines de la Reina” and “The Canarreos Archipielago.The Jardines de la Reina marine park is an uninhabited area protected by one of the world’s longest coral barrier reefs. The Canarreos Archiepelago is a 90km stretched aerea of small to medium sized islands (cayos) with hundreds of wonderful anchorages to choose from such as the famos Playa Sirena of Cayo Largo. Other islands including Cayo del Rosario, Cayo Cantiles and Cayo Campos have coral seabeds teeming with tropical fish. Cayo Guano del Este is a one mile long and one mile wide deserted key and serves as an ideal first stop after your cruise across to this area.


Cienfuegos is one of Cuba’s largest and most prospering cities with a French-style centre filled with entertainment and eateries. Why not hire your own dedicated ‘Marinero’ or “Dive Instructor” – a local guide with a wealth of knowledge about the country,the sailing area and the diving places to go. They will gladly share their expertise with you and help you with navigation as well as the best fishing spots, cayos, reefs and beaches..




All services of a modern marina, but also a normal, very vivid Cuban city, an environment of many cultural and natural attractions without the seclusion of a "tourist ghetto": Cienfuegos, La Perla del Sur , the pearl of the south, makes all these requirements meet in an ideal way. Its geographic situation in the center of a ten-mile-deep bay, with an entrance only some hundred yards wide, early made Cinefuegos an important harbour. Today the port, with sugar for export as its most important product, ranks second only to Havana. Nevertheless, the city could maintain the beauty of its setting as well as its rich architectural heritage from the 19th century. The Teatro Tomás Terry, where Caruso once performed, and the Palacio de Valle, a moorish-styled villa of an early 20th-century sugar tycoon which is nowadays featuring a restaurant, are among Cuba's most famous historical buildings.


Marina Cienfuegos - Sailing Cuba

Our Ships for Sailing in Cuba are settled in Cienfuegos. Beside we´re partner for many years with the Cuban marina chain Cubanacan Nautica, which operates several marinas all around the Isla Grande. Marina  Cienfuegos is in business since 1984 and has all necessary installations and services, like electricity and water supply to the ship, fuel and gas sale, border, immigrations and customs clearance, restrooms and showers, garbage disposal, card phone for international calls, weather reports and nautical charts and a round-the-clock security and guard service. A further extension of the marina is planned.
Marina Cienfuegos and Cuba-Diving offers many convenient additions to the yacht charter program. Cuba-Diving offers you from provisioning service and transfers to sightseeing excursions and diving programs from the Diving Center there - including the rental of equipment and hiring of diving instructors aboard the sailing yachts - local experts are available for all your desires. Advance reservations can be made by Cuba-Diving. Just ask us for all your special whishes for your vacation!


Sail & Dive

Under Water in the “cayos” of the Caribbean Sea of Cuba


Sail & Dive is our special programm for groups and sharing cabins on our Catamaran Lagoon 380. Please ask for our programs!

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