Dive Informations for Cuba:  

Dive Vouchers:  

The brought Dive Vouchers are checked from our CUBA-DIVING Travelguids after your arrivel and further in the Diving Center with your first appearance for the number of the courses, dives and diving-packages. Also your dive course , the times of the boat departures or also the time for your Check dive will be discussed.  


 The equipment-objects, that you require during the diving-days, are written down. In the Diving Center, you can lend all dive equipment in principle. A distribution-list lies in the office for you. After composition of your equipment you will get a place or receptacles for your equipment assigned. You are responsibly during your diving-days for the hired equipment and you can leaf it up to your departure in the Diving Center. During the night, all premises of the basis are certainly locked.  

 Of course, you can lend the equipment also in your home country. Following objects should brought with you : an empty lead-belt, an international adapter as well as a flat-plug-adapter for chargers. A tropic-diving-suit is enough. For Snorkeler, we recommend one Sunbathe-protection. 

 Please report damages or not-working equipment as soon as you notice it, immediately to the diving-teacher or the Diving Center. So your next dive is guaranteed without equipment-problems very well. 

 Boat Diving & Dive-list: 

One writes down each boat departure and each dive-exit before leaving the Diving Center. Furthermore, your name is written down into an exit-list. With entry into the boat, one registers your goes too on the basis of this list. The division of the diving-teams is planned after course, suitability, a Check dive as well as after examination of the logbook. Normally, the boat to the different diving-places leaves twice daily. After agreement, a third dive, perhaps night-dive, can be offered against extra charge of the Diving Center. 


 With bad weather, the security proceeds, and it is remained at country. Where the surroundings allows it, is tested whether a offshore dive possible. Possible offered then to more distant diving-areas, caves, country-dives,  which is to be reckoned with additional expenses and longer trip. 


The daily diving-places are determined after weather-situation, or on the program of the Diving Center a day previously normally. In the Diving Center, the dive-exit-times usually post to insight. We bet you, hold on strictly to the departure-times  to guarantee the smooth course of the Diving Center. With daily boat trips, a lunch becomes from the Diving Center after agreement for 12 to 17 USD on board offered, for example crawfishes. There are Soft drinks on board. 

After diving 

After the return of the dives into the Diving Center, you please clean your equipment yourself, rinse it/them with freshwater and store the parts on the places for to drying. Also here is valid: Equipment-damages should immediately be reported to the Diving Center.  

After the morning - or first-dive, the divers do their surface-pause. You remain normally to the meal in the hotel, can stay at the Diving Center-approaches bar or restaurant to a drink and snack remains or stay at the beach uses in order to wait for the next dive.  

The departure-times to the diving-exits are announced on the day by the Center previously, can change with bad weather or particular events however. 

Alterations in the hotels, on the diving-places and in the entire tourism-program are reservated.


Dive Informations