Hotel Playa Girón is a bungalow installation with 287 rooms, equipped with air-conditioning, WC and shower, satellite television and telephone. Recently, 147 bungalows were renovated by it totally. Furthermore, there are also 3 restaurants, a grill, to pool bar, lobby bar (around the clock), 3 swimming pools, discos, of taxis, motorcycle and car rental, tourism office, money exchange bureau and international and national telephone service, stores, medical supply, safe, parking places.

The Diving Center Playa Giron
you will find directly in hotel installations 
In this zone, diving is done from the shore (Offshore Diving). the submarine areas  fully with  and very attractive steep oceanic rock walls, that are closed to the coast. You find there very beautiful black corals,Gorgoniens and huge Spongs setting colorful caribic Corals. 


There are 12 different diving areas to Bahía de Cochinos at the coast and in the Speläologieseewassersystem of Zapata, which at the pig bay, and along Caleta Buena lies. The average water temperatures run 28 - 29 degrees Celsius. Under water, you find outstanding visibilities as well as a plentiful flora and fauna. Diving can be done all year.
The Diving Center in Playa Girón is directly instalated in the Hotel  Playa Girón and offers Offshore Diving of the coast, without boat . The diving areas are in near and protected areas. In the Diving Center, 5 very much experienced diving teachers and Dive guides working, who are well familiar with their activity and the region, since they have many years of diving experience here. 
Diving can be done by each diver here, for very much experienced diver or beginners. The diving is done   in 2 times daily: in the morning at 10.30 o'clock and in the afternoon at 14.30 o'clock.  
Dive Places                                                                                                                                                                                                 In the following areas mostly will be done the diving: 


Punta Perdiz 1
The diving area Punta Perdiz 1considers 150 meters  off  the coast at a small beach with Coral reefs and extensive tropical fishings . 

Punta Perdiz 2: is  the the most visited diving place of the region and has a big charm, with small caves, good diving places with colorful marin flora and fauna .
At both diving places is done diving of small beach sections. The seabed leads in different steps into the depth of the sea here. The first step sits down 120 meters wide in 4-6 meters of depth of the coast removed away. Then with a step of approximately 20 meters in 10-12 meters of depth. 

El Tanque:
That is a flat water zone with outstanding conditions for diving beginners. 

El Cenote .  
El Cenote is a water cave. At the entrance, it is 20-25 meters deep and in the tunnel 70-80 meters. The dive limit is 30 meters deep and leads to the 800 meters long tunnel, in which one can observe the interesting rock formations of the cave wall. Barely differentcoral fishes live  at the surface in a natural swimming pool and the red shrimps are amply existing in the depths. With to 3-4 meters of depth is freshwater and from then on saline sea water. 

El Jaruco
This is a deep diving place, and is recommended only for experienced sport divers. The name comes from a sunk ship, that decides near for itself at the insular coral steep wall. , Wreck diving , the diving entry is executed from a quay with stairway. Starts at the beginning of depth with 10-12 meters. The insular coral wall is 20 meters deep and approximately 160 meters of the coast distant. There are big sand surfaces with different colony types of conches, spongs, Quincontes and others. Exotic coral fishes in large swarms. 

Las Cañas:
The diving entry is executed 3-4 meters deep from a quay with stairway here. This point considers left ca.500 meter of El Jaruco . Normally the water currents come off from the bay in the morning so that the entry is done into the water from El Jaruco and  returns through Las Cañas. The description of this place is similarly that of the El Jaruco. 

Dos Cocos
The diving entry is executed 3-4 meters deep from a quay with stairway in a small bay here. The insular coral steep wall is 10-12 meters deep and 100 meters of the coast distant. At the edge of the wall, there are numerous rips, Labyrints and tunnels. Many coral settlements and coral sticks decorate the se area. You finds here nurse sharks and also other big fish in the Labyrints on occasion. It is an ideal place for each sport diver because is near at the hotel Playa Girón  and is not very deep. 

El Brinco 1 and 2
The diving entry is executed 10-12 meters deep from a quay with stairway here. The insular coral steep wall is 20-25 meters deep here and removes 200 meters from the coast and consists of several extremely vertical sections. You can observe colorful coral colonies, big sea sponges and many exotic fish swarms. 
In El Brinco 2, there is of tunnel big, that 20 meters long and between 15 and 30 meters deep is, as well as interesting formations of colorful coral rises. Here, also big prong perches are at home, as well as extended, very colorful corals and sponge colonies. 

El Ebano:
A new diving place with small caves, big coral reefs and many tropical  fish swarms.  

Caleta Buena:
In the small bay (Caleta), the diving is done from the beach and goes by boat from the Caleta. The insular coral steep wall is 25-30 meters deep there and 250-300 meters of the coast distant. Many flight fish like "Licuas", saw fish (sierra), mackerels (Jurel) and lady fish (Pez Dama) can be observed here.   

    Diving Center Playa Girón

Dive Zone: Bahía de Cochinos

Operator: Cubanacan

Diving sites: 5

Tipos de Fondos: Coral reefs, walls, shipwrecks. Plenty of flora and fauna

Compressor : Bauer k-14

Tanks: 12 -15 liters steel

Equipment: Mares and Scubapro

Diving capacity : 50 Divers

Instructors: SSI, CMAS, ACUC

Dive boats: Not necessary. Dive from the coast.

Hyperbaric Chamber: in Ciudad Habana or Cárdenas, transfer by helicopter

Address  : Playa Girón, Península de Zapata, Matanzas, Cuba.

Main dives sites : 1. Punta Perdiz,2. Cenotes,3. Los Cocos,4. El Ebano,5. El Brinco

Description of the bottom : For recreational diving nature has provided the best, because in this dazzling environment you can find one of the most suitable ecological place ever known, Bahía de Cochinos. All diving sessions are performed from the coast, where the ref. Start with all its beauty. Big colonies of elkborn, brain, leaf, mountainous star, staghorn, pillar and flower corals and sea fans grow in an exuberant way, together with thousand of coral fish, which are diving companions up to the drop-off zone, in most of the sites at no more than 100 meters ( 328 feet) from the coast and less than 10 meters ( 33 feet) deep. The walls fall sharply near the drop-off with an immensity sensation when watching the deep blue color of the sea. Many amazing coral structures are formed with tunnels, channels, caves, terraces and crevices as if they were drilling the wall, where the web developed sessile fauna live, such as 2 meters ( 6.5 feet) long yellow and violet tube, barrel, vase, azure vase, orange elephant ear or branch sponges. There are also big dep gorgonians and black coral colonies of different species

Dive Map  Playa Giron
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