Hotel Playa Larga is new renovated and has 50 bungalows with 44 rooms, equipped with air-conditioning, WC and shower, satellite television. The equipment has bicycle 2 restaurants, 2 bars, 2 cafes, grill, pool, mini bar, motorcycle, horse and car rental stores, money exchange bureau and Faxleistungen tourism office taxis tennis and soccer ground, playing field for Strandvolleyball, society room, and parking place. 


Dive Zone: Bahía de Cochinos

Operator: Cubanacan

Diving sites: 5

Diving Aerea: Coral reefs, walls, shipwrecks. Plenty of flora and fauna


Compressor : Bauer k-14

Tanks: 12-15 liters steel

Equipment:  Mares/Scubapro

Diving capacity : 50 Divers

Instructors: SSI, CMAS, ACUC

Dive boats  : Not necessary. Diving offshore from the coast.

Hyperbaric Chamber: in Ciudad Habana or Cárdenas, trasfer by helicopter

Address  : Playa Girón, Península de Zapata, Matanzas, Cuba.

Main dives sites ( All in the wall), 1.- Punta Perdiz,2.- Cenotes,3.- Los Cocos,4.- El Ebano,5.- El Brinco

Description of the bottom : For recreational diving nature has provided the best, because in this dazzling environment you can find one of the most suitable ecological place ever known, Bahía de Cochinos. All diving sessions are performed from the coast, where the ref. Start with all its beauty. Big colonies of elkborn, brain, leaf, mountainous star, staghorn, pillar and flower corals and sea fans grow in an exuberant way, together with thousand of coral fish, which are diving companions up to the drop-off zone, in most of the sites at no more than 100 meters ( 328 feet) from the coast and less than 10 meters ( 33 feet) deep. The walls fall sharply near the drop-off with an immensity sensation when watching the deep blue color of the sea. Many amazing coral structures are formed with tunnels, channels, caves, terraces and crevices as if they were drilling the wall, where the web developed sessile fauna live, such as 2 meters ( 6.5 feet) long yellow and violet tube, barrel, vase, azure vase, orange elephant ear or branch sponges. There are also big dep gorgonians and black coral colonies of different species.

Playa Larga