Cayo Levisa, a Dreamy Caribbean Paradise

At the most western coastal-side of Cuba in the nature-beautiful province Pinar del Rio, you find „Archipielago de los Colorados “with hundreds of small sand - and mangrove-islands. There also CAYO LEVISA is given a home, a dreamy mangrove-island on a coral-reef grown with 3 kilometres of length. At the North-end of this heavenly isle, one finds a beautiful powder-sugars white sandy beach, which lets the soul dangle formally. Surrounds with one in all tones from blue - and turquoise-colour light-game inviting sea, this virgin island-atmosphere gives us a special invitation.


The diving-zones begin from the already obvious reef-benches with many attractions, an artful fish-world and extended colourful underwater-coral-world. 

Already in depths of 8 meters, you find massive brain - and star-coral-sticks, crawfishes and Murrains  in all sizes and types, in fields of fan - and Feather Gorgonians stand swarms of reef-perches, colourful Papagei fishes romp around in alternate sizes and patrol magnificent Nassau-perches between it with many-good loudmouthed Lip fishes.


From 15 to 30 meters, the underwater-landscape doesn't rarely mould itself with wonderful flat-coral-architecture in those one Eagle Rays, White Tip Sharks and  water-turtles to face receives. You finds „walls“ at which reaches itself the eye generally, long scurrile whip -corals, all types of the Caribbean tube-sponges and extended black coral-colonies settle.    

That is one of the most attractive diving-places for example „La Corona de San Carlos “, a protracted sand-bed-zone with coral-islets in those families of eagle rays and stingrays lives. Also the places „La Espada del Pirata”, “La Cadena Misteriosa” and “El Inferno” has beaten each diver-heart with their full diving-experience higher.   

This Caribbean paradise invites us with 20 bungalows in the neat rustic Caribbean-style, rooms with own bath and WC, Satellite TV and air-conditioning very well to linger. A restaurant with Cuban and international kitchen, just as rounds off a bar with especially well prepared Cuba-drinks this special ambience comfortably. 


You will reach to Cayo Levisa over a well developed street of Havanna after 146 kilometres in order to reach this heavenly installation Cayo Levisa in few minutes after a 6 kilometres long boat-trip to the island.  The Bungalows of Cayo Levisa are exclusive run now by a Italian Tour Company. So far it is very hard to get a place overnight there.But you can always visit Cayo Levisa with a day trip.

Address is: Cayo Levisa, La Palma, Pinar Del Rio. 

3 well trained Instructor and Dive guides accompany the guests at all dives. The diving-exits are done with 2 boats of once 8 places and with a big submersible with 20 places. 2 Bauer K14 compressors, 50 tanks with 12 and 15 litres of size from aluminium and steel, 10 Mares and Free Shark equipments forms the equipment-basic of the Diving-Center.  


The diving-capacity amounts to 40 to at most 50 divers per day.  Dive Equipment is rent able for beginners on the spot, for advanced divers is to be recommended to bring their own Equipment. The next Decompression Chamber is in the „hospital Naval of the Cuban navy in Havanna.  

Cayo Levisa is still regarded with its nature-beauty as secret-tip!

Diving Center  Cayo Levisa - Datos

Diving Center : Cayo Levisa

Operator   : Gaviota

Diving sites    : 21

Kind of bottom : Coral reefs, walls, shipwrecks. Plenty of flora and fauna.

Compressor :  Bauer k-14

Tanks  :  12 litros

Equipment : 10 set Mares

Diving capacity :  12 / 20 divers  per boat

Instructors  : ACUC / CMAS

Dive boats :  41 and 56 foot

Hyperbaric Chamber: Havana, transfer by helicopter

Address   : Cayo Levisa, La Palma, Pinar del Río, Cuba.


Description of the bottom :Cayo Levisa is 3 Km ( 2 miles) long and is formed on the coral ref., covered by a dense mangrove forest and limited to the North by a fabulous white fine sandy beach, surrounded by a virgin and pleasing enviromment. The dive zone begins from the key coast, with lots of attractions including a qide sessile fauna, different kind of fish, a wide variety of shapes, colors and its web preserved environment.

Dive Sites: In some sites starting from 8 meters ( 26 feet) you can find star and brain coral massive structures, sea fans and feather-like gorgonians, and among them, schools of grunts, sergeant major, parrotfish, surgeonfish and chubs, nassau groupers, medium size snappers and dog snappers, also morays and lobsters.

At 15m and 30m ( 49 and 98 feet) deep, the landscape is formed by big developments of 10 meters ( 33 feet) flat corals, which are an amazing show of underwater architecture, you can also see ridges and coral billocks. The most frequent fish are blue chromis, yellow grunts, yellow-tail snappers, queen angelfish, gray angelfish and big groupers, cubera snappers, dog snappers and black groupers.


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