Dive Varadero : At the beach of Varadero, there are 3 Diving Centres. At both ends of the Pininsula Hicacos/Varadero you will find the Diving Centre ACUA and GAVIOTA, and the diving centre BARRACUDA approximately in the middle of the beach headland..The diving area passes Jardines Del Rey (Garden of the King) to the capital city of Matanzas and from Matanzas bay as far as to the most outer north east of the archipelago. The easily inclined island shelf covered with sand is sprinkled with many coral patches, that contain a voluptuous and multifarious faun. This coast roves has several interesting coral formations with a large variety of  swarm fish. 


Warm, clean water, great biodiversity, good conservation of it’s ecosystems, coral gardens, caves, meadows of gorgonians and sponges, underwater escarpments, narrow channels, tunnels, fish of many sizes and colors, valuable remains of shipwrecked vessels and many natural beaches, cays and islets make it a place to challenge divers imagination.


In addition, this large area has a great variety of coralline formations in amazing shapes and colours, where many species of marine flora and fauna coexist in a delicate biological balance. This is what makes Cuba such a wonderful scuba-diving destination the one that thousands of tourists and professionals prefer. Its waters are always ideal for scuba diving in any of its varieties-snorkelling, reef exploration and day or night dives of down to 40 meters in coralline gardens filled with caves, vertical walls, tunnels, underwater escarpments, narrow channels, the remains of shipwrecked vessels and many other attractions.


Contrasting colours and capricious marine shapes are a constant delight on the archipelago’s insular shelf, with its abundant coralline formations, the habitat of around 500 species of fish, 200 sponges of several kinds cup-shaped, tube and branched, a wide variety of molluscs and crustaceans, gorgonians, algae and
Common Sea Fans.

The diving areas on the insular shelf of the Northern coast -which constantly amaze even the most demanding lovers of this entrancing sport and are the scene of many international underwater photography contests-also constitute a source of inspiration to noted artists of this specialty.


Several specialized scuba-diving courses are available in Varadero, offering internationally recognized certificates. Scuba-diving classes are available for beginners by the SSI, equivalent to PADI, CMAS, the World Underwater Federation and the American-Canadian Underwater Certification ACUC.

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