Diving Center- BARRACUDA - Varadero 

Diving Place category of CUBA:  4 * ( the both diving centres BARRACUDA  and ACUA are working basically together!)


Location: Peninsula Hicacos. Famous Holiday Place Varadero. Beautiful sandy beaches. 

Diving Center:  Retiro Josone, Calle 59 y Playa in Varadero, province Matanzas. Near to Hotel Arenas Blancas.  


Diving prices of the Diving Centre Barracuda-Varadero here..... 

Equipment: 95 pc.10/12ltr. Alu-/Steel tanks (INT/DIN), 3 Dive boats for ca. 40 divers + 3 Zodiaks for 6 divers each, 3 K14/KAP15/Capitano - Bauer-Compressors. 40 complete equipments, loan able at acceptable prices.  


Diving education: The education is done together with the students of the diving center Barracuda. Education is  SSI + ACUC.

Language: English, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish and German   

Diving areas: Flatten diving reasons, ideal for beginners. 


Diving places: Approximately 32, of about 30-120 boat minutes distance. Depths 5-30m, caves, coral reefs, wrecks. Hardly currents. Diving excursions with bus to the Playa Giron and cave Saturno. 

Diving season: All-year, under water view until over 30m and water temperatures 24°-30°C. 


U/W-Life: coral reefs, smelled, fish swarms. 

Diving course: Daily 2 dives. Weekly 1-2 night dives.         


Decompression chamber: Hospital of Cárdenas, 12km distant. 

Diving Center management: Marlin - Nautica                              

Diving Center personnel: 25 well trained diving teachers, professionally. Very much responsible about the security and the comfort of the guests. Good service performances. 


Main dives sites (Depth. Meters / Feet)

1.- Cueva de Saturno (20/66)

2.- Playa Coral (20/66)

3.- El Museo (35/115)

4.- El Martillo (21/69)

5.- Coral negro (36/118)

Description of the bottom: The waters around the Cuban archipelago are characterized by their gentleness – mild tides and no strong currents -, their warmth over 24°C all year round, their virgin conditions  - no pollution and well – preserved bottoms -, the diversity of its underwater flora and fauna, and the total absence of aggressive animals. In this sites can be seen web developed gorgonians and diferent types of corals where you can also find a wide variety of coral fish, cubera snappers, groupers and a big school of grunts which are easily fed by divers. Another diving site is  a coastal coral ref. known as Playa Coral from 1 to 20 meters ( 3 to 66 feet) deep, that can be reached by swimming  from the beach under its protection, where more than 30 coral species live, some of them with the remarkable development topping the surface, joined together forming channels, passages or caves as a shelter of a very particular and interesting fauna. Other interesting site is La Cueva de Saturno, a cave flooded by briny water, with a free surface lake and two galleries 20 meters ( 66 feet) deep, with extraordinarily transparent waters, as if you were diving in the air. This site also has secondary formations, pecular stalactites and stalacmites and you can see blind fish and shrimps. In general the divers can find angel fish, barracudas, groupers, lobsters and green morays up to 2 meters ( 6,5 feet) length that can be easily fed by the divers.

Excursion trips: Wonderful landscape and many sights in the province Mantanzas

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