Beach- and Dive Paradise – Santa Lucia                                                                                 Santa Lucia  is 110 km (68 miles)-just a little over an hour's drive-from the city of Camagüey, capital of the province of the same name. A perfect place to enjoy the sun, sand, salty air and clear water of this 21 km (13-mile)-long beach protected by the second longest coral reef in the world, a fantastic place for scuba diving and other water sports. From Santa Lucía Beach, you can go on excursions to the Cubitas Mountains, where there are over 300 species of lush vegetation, and to the port of Nuevitas, the city closest to the resort. The longest uninterrupted coral reef in Cuba comes as close as 200 m (656 feet) to the beach. You can see the top of this natural attraction easily from the beach, for waves coming in from the Atlantic break on it. Thus, the water at this 20 km (13-mile)-long beach is always calm and free of marine species that are dangerous to man. The temperature averages 80.6º F. (27º C.) during the hotter months of the year and 73.8º F. (23.3° C.) from December through March. There is little rain, and winds average 14 km (under 9 miles) per hour Cuba Santa Lucia Cuba. .


This beach and Sabinal, Romano, Cruz and Guajaba Cays, in the Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago, just offshore, are the home of the largest colony of Roseate Flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) in Cuba and of other species of Cuban coastal flora and fauna. Ernest Hemingway used to frequent this coast while going hunting or fishing on board his yacht, Pilar-and also when hunting down German U-boats during World War II. His most autobiographical novel “Islands in the Stream”, which was published in 1970-was based on these experiences.

When you choose Santa Lucía Beach-one of Cuba's All-Inclusive resorts-for your vacation, you have access to all the services offered in five Cubanacán hotels.

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Hotel Brisas Santa Lucia  (ex Hotel Cuatro Vientos)



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