Jardines de la Reina - Informations for our Guest

Embarkation in Jucaro always is Saturday at 10:00 o'clock. Departure is max. 11:00h.

Return in Jucaro always is on Friday, arriving Jucaro from on 15:30h


All offer prices include:  Transfer from Havana to/from Jucaro to Havana, Sea Transfer: Jucaro - Jardines r/t, 6 nights full board , incl. 1 cocktail per day after diving, Dive Guide, Tank, lead/weights and diving from Boat,.

Is contained not in the price: Marine Park Fee, Tourists card, all other hotel accommodations, Soft drinks, Alcohol Drinks,  Dive Equipment, separated boat trips, Fishing -+Angel Service, fishing rod equipment, tips for Crew (suggested 10% of the package price). Note: Fishing is available but need to pre book it in advance and subject of confirmation.

Beverage prices on board:(national beverages) beer: 3,5 CUC, coke / Soft drinks,: 2 CUC, mineral water,: 1 CUC, wine,: 8 CUC, rum Blanco,: 4 CUC . (Changes of all prices reserved)

Currency of payment on board: CUC (Pesos convertible). We recommend to arrive on board already with this currency.  No credit cards on board are accepted! 

Diving experience and necessary equipment for guests: 

The request for divers is a brevet on Advanced OWD or 2 * CMAS step or with dive experience accordingly to their Logged dives. All our diving guests should have an experience of at least 50 dives, and the latter dive of it should not be behind longer than 1 years. It is left optional for the Dive Guide/Dive Instructor/Master, guests that don't fill this or have inadequate diving experience, at their disposal, (dive places like with sharks, walls, depth etc,) to forbid diving. It can at the started diving places through it come also to a restriction of dive places / Routing for them.

AOWD-Course: For Divers which do not have already the above described dive experience we offer the PADI AOWD-.Course in Jardines. After the 5 dives of this course (cut of the package of 12 dives) is possible to join all divesites and dives in Jardines de la Reina.  The cost of the AOWD-course is 250 EURO.

Note for Diving: The Divers do need to show a valid international diving brevet and a medical examination not older than 1/2 year.

Following accouterments objects and documents are to be necessarily brought from each Diver guest: 

1. Divers Pass/Brevet 

2. log  book

3. medical certificate not older than 1 year 

4. diving computer  (optional)

5. depth gouge

6. dive watch

7. dive planer

8. signal instrument 

9. weight belt (also with lead-integrated Jackets) 

10. Adapters DIN/INT 

11. long arm diving suit 

Spare parts and Dive Equipment: 

On our ships, neither dive equipment nor spare parts are normally on board. Each diver should have the most important dive gears and spare parts for his/its dive equipment with himself. Against appointment, dive equipment, diving lamps and computers can be lend for extra charge on board. Costs 40 EUR per the week per each dive gear. These equipments are not insured - the customer therefore is liable for loss and damage in the whole range. 

Nitrox: There is no Nitrox in Jardines de la Reina until now. 

Diving: Saturday after arriving in the Jardines de la Reina, the Instructors/Dive Master does already planings with you about the next days divings. With the first dive (Check Dive) the Dive Master learns the guests known and does decisions for the diving groups. From Sunday until Thursday, 2 dives are offered daily. More dives are offered after demand and agreement. On Fridays, 1  dive at early morning is possible before the return tu Jucaro. Total of all dives will be 12 dives.

The maximum depth for dives in Cuba is 40 m! 

The Laws for Diving in Jardines de la Reina: 

1. Under water is hunting, fishing, collecting or breaking off of corals or mussels and any marine flora and fauna is absolutely forbidden. 

2. Bringing in of objects of all the type, like for example garbage, oil, fat etc into the sea is forbidden. 

3. Jardines de la Reina is under strictly general protection and everybody has to take care on this. 

4. The autonomous feeding of fish and animals in the water, crocodiles, iguanas, Jutias and birds are forbidden. 

5. Carrying of gloves and work with knives under water generally is prohibited for divers. 

6. Running, kneeing, placing or standing on corals and reefs are absolutely forbidden. 

Violations of it pull sharp measures and diving prohibitions after itself. 

Personal dados, flight times and travel data: 

The passport data and personnel data for all Guest must be declared at booking. 

Following statements are necessarily required: 

Name, first name, nationality, date of birth and passport number, flight numbers, arrival time, takeoff time.  Outside of the abidance time in the Jardines de la Reina, the accommodation places, hotels, tour programs in Cuba. The transfers booked not with us, of and to Jucaro. With non-compliance, we don't take over any liability, if it comes to postponements with the departure or problems or other costs or departed ships for late Transfers. 

Special Notes: We keep the right for ourselves, to rebook the guests on another boat or cabin with unfavorable circumstances and possible tecnical problems.  As well it is possible that the guests with particular circumstances are accommodated the first or the last night in a hotel. Such a situation can also determine authority orders. The boats only then run out in Jucaro if the whereabouts of all booked guests is known and the Port Police and the Coast Guard gave to the departure the authorization. In bad weather, postponements with the departure can occur. All programs and execution of them remain subject to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Claims for refunds will not be accepted.

Cuban Citizen: Please note, by Cuban law it is not aloud to bring any Cuban Citizen with you to Jardines de la Reina! The border police is strictly control this before entering all persons the boats. Cuban Citizen can only leave Cuba with a boat to any Island, when they will have a special permission of the Cuban Authorities.

Booking Terms: Is due 50 percent of down payment at booking immediately. The booking is only regarded as confirmed after reception of the down payment. The final payment is due 60 days before departure and safari beginning (account entrance). 

Options: It is forgiven no options longer than 1 week in principle. Special according possible.


Accommodation Hotel  Havana and other costs: 

Hotel  price per Night + Person, DR, B&B : 50 EURO.

Taxes and dues on person: 46 Euro 

Tourists card per person: 25 Euro

Extra dives: CUC 35

Atlantic Flight  Price: on request! 

Remark: Mistakes and Alterations of the prices and in the total program reserved!! 

Equipment rentals: mask + fins+snorkel CUC 40 per week,  suite CUC 40 per week,  regulator CUC 40 per week, Jacket  CUC 40 per week,  lamp  CUC  46



- Double cabin single use (if available) EURO 650 a week.

- Exclusive use of Avalon I/Caballones/Halcon (complete boat charter on request!)


- transfer from Havana airport to the hotel of your wish

- accommodation in hotel Havana

- transfer from the Hotel Havana to Jucaro port

- transfer Port/Jucaro to Havana

- Domestic flights in Cuba

Special Services on request:

- extra night at hotel Havana

- single at hotel  Havana

.- single person transfer on request.

-  Passengers arriving Cayo Coco airport: Cayo Coco Package

- minimum 2 persons

- transfer from Cayo Coco Airport to Jucaro port,

- transfer from Jucaro/Port to Hotel Ciego di Avila/Moron

- 1 night in double room half board/B&B

- transfer from Hotel Moron/Ciego di Avila to Cayo Coco

Single person (Hotel + Transfers):

Optional on request: Cayo Coco hotel: - per person in dbl room , all inclusive


Deposit and Cancellation Policy: A deposit of 50% of your package is required to confirm a reservation.

Full payment is due 60days prior to arrival.

Cancellation costs: 

Following cancellation costs are due in the case of the cancellation: 

until 30 percent of the travel price 60 days before travel beginning 

from 59. until 30. days 50 percent of the travel price before travel beginning 

from 29. until 14. days 75 percent of the travel price before travel beginning 

from 13.-days on 100 percent of the travel price before travel beginning 

Additional treatment charge of 200 Euro becomes for the foreign cancellation raised. 

Deposits are only refundable with before described conditions .

No refunds are available for unused portions of packages and diving

Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended.



All Payment must be done to CUBA-DIVING Germany

Account Owner: Cuba-Diving Germany / W. Keller

Bank:   Commerzbank AG  /  Dresdner Bank AG - Germany

Bank Code/BLZ:  76080040

Account No: 0728 461 500                                          


IBAN: DE17760800400728461500

Tel.: ++49  9131 9706 771 -   e-mail:  cuba-diving@web.de

The money wiring document please send by Fax to: ++49 9131 9706 773


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