The Treasure-Island  “Isla de la Juventud” Isle of Youth

This enchanting island, that was discovered 1494 of Christoph Kolumbus during his second America-trip, set in the Canarreos-Archipel, between Cuba and Mexico. It served over centuries as base for English and French pirates, who were after the Spanish Galeonens, that load richly, with gold and silver from South America to Europe did in Havanna stopovers and visited on this occasion at the treasure Island. Also Sir Francis Drake served it as pirate-basis in the 18th century. Few years only ago was found some chests filled with gold coins; also numerous shipwrecks were discovered from times of the Spanish conquerors in the south of the island. The property circumstances of the Island changed in the course of the history several times; also, the Island names are to be not counted at a hand. Named from Columbus " Evangelista ", it turned during the Pirate times into the Devil - and Pirate Island, late Pine Island. Officially now " Isla de la Juventud " (" Island of the Youth "), it is called today to Divers and Tourists "The Treasure Island",  after the famous novel of Robert Louis Stevenson, that he wrote here.


The Canarreos-coral archipelago, with  672 islands and islets, is the second-biggest coral reef of the world and extends from Cuba up to the Bahamas. The treasure Island possesses a total surface of 2.199 square kilometres and is consequently eight times bigger than the Island Malta. This beautiful Island with its fantastic underwater precincts of the Canarreos Reefs cares the world about the second longest coral formation. The COLONY hotel installation is in the south of the Island, directly at the sea. The reception, the restaurant and a well sorted Shop are in the old main Hotel house, wich still waits its complete renovation. In the big park are settled 24 double bungalows and  the pool with the Sunset Bar. At the beach, there are sunbathe-day-beds gratuitously. Directly at the diving-places, approximately 20 km from the hotel installation to go by boat every morning you find Punta Frances the fantastic diving places in a legendary diving area! Between your dives you can relax at a white sandy dream beach nearby the diving places..



Diving is the main thing on the Treasure Island. To the Diving center belongs an  Marina, several diving-ships and over 100 gears, also a Deco-Chamber you find here. The super diving places belong to the best of the Caribbean. Completely intact corals, a big fish continuance, many wrecks and spectacular Drop offs have each diver heart beaten higher!

Hotel Colony: The Hotel Colony is situated in the southwest on the treasure-Island, approximately 50 km from the airport of Nueva Gerona, .



The installation consists of a old hotel section which is not operating meanwhile waiting its rebuilding and 24 new bungalows, partially two stairs. Centrally is the reception, the restaurant, the shop and the travel office for trips around the Island. At the pool you find an open-air-Bar. The installation was built 1958 before the revolution and now only the Bungalows are completely new renovated.


Food: Half Board or Full board (Cuban kitchen), the lunch can be occupied also without extra charge on the Boat at the diving-area.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Rooms: The Bungalow rooms are simple, as well the baths. All rooms possess TV  just as a terrace or balcony, air-conditioning. The Bungalows (for 2-3 persons) are new amd modern equipped. From the hotel-own sandy beach you can bathe and swim. The Sunset-Bar on the pool is especially popular in the twilight. A sunset over the sea is an unforgettable experience!  From the beach the sea is extremely flat, ideally also for children.



Diving Center: The Diving Center belongs to the Hotel Colony with an individual Marina, several diving ships and new gears. There is also the compressor station  and a technology area, in which smaller repairs executed at your appliances and can be loaded your diving lamps with 220 VS.  12 litres tanks (DIN/INT)  Caribbean-norm. Additional by the compressor station is a storage-area for your diving equipment. As well a modern Deco Chamber you find in the Town of the Island (Nueva Gerona) with oxygen artificial respiration. 


The Diving-Places on Punta Frances: The Corals already begins at the water surface, the most beautiful diving precincts are between 15 and 18 meters of depth, very beautiful diving places and many underwater caves at the steep wastes, that pull itself up to 400 meters of depth at this second biggest coral reef of the world. Particularly, the Canarreos Reef distinguishes itself through gigantic corals - and Gorgon formations, from which over 150 types were counted before the treasure Island, just as through the gigantic continuance of tropical fish with almost 600 species, that are especially tame here. The Dive guides have defined of 56 buoys so that you can dive for months and will always experience new interesting dives to the know nest places: The black coral-wall, the paradise of the sponges, the magic-cave, the giant-crater, that Gorgonian-Garden, the black grotto, the passage to the depth, the coral-wall and the valley of the sharks. Already 1980, the diving places were proclaimed as a reservation of sea nature. Here, it is prohibited under penalty to fish with harpoons and javelins. The Cuban Dive guides keep an eye meticulously on observance of these rules; therefore, the diving-area is so intact here as well. Nowhere in the Caribbean the fish are more trustful, get the coral-formations better. Experience the heavenly insights into the underwater-world! Even the famous German botanist and Geologist Alexander of Humboldt, mentioned this area with big enthusiasm in its 1831 published book " Tableau statistique de l île de Cuba ".


Diving: The diving area is 13-20 miles of the hotel-installation removed. You drive daily from hotel to the nearby Marina with minibuses in 3 minutes , from there with the dive boats you go for 1,5hour to Punta Frances where the diving starts. The 41” Dive Boats are equipped all with a diver platform. In the morning, a low-dive is enforced up to 36 or 40 meters, in the afternoon a second dive up to 15 meters of depth, however not less appealing. The view rarely amounts to under 30-40 meters, caused by the protected lee situation of the main diving area. For these reasons, currents are hardly to be found also, an incalculable advantage!                                                                                                                                   


International Diving Center  - Colony Isla de la Juventud - Tresure Island

Dive Zone : Punta Francés, Operator : CIB Gran Caribe, Dives sites : 56, Kind of bottom : Coral reefs, caves, walls, shipwrecks plenty of species like barracudas,Tarpons, groupers and black coral.

Compressor : 2 Bauer k-21, Tanks: 12 Liters ,.40 steel, 160 aluminum (Catalina), Equipment :Regulators 40, Jackets 40, Suits 40 ( Cressi Sub ), Diving capacity: 80 divers in 2 outcomes daily,Instructors : CMAS,  SSI.

Dive Boats : 4 Boats with 41 feet (50 pax) and 1 tender (40 pax)

Hyper baric Chamber :  42 Km from Center , in Nueva Gerona. (Transfer by intensive care ambulance)

Address :Carretera Siguanea, Km 42 Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

Main dives sities (Depth . Meters / Feet),1. Pared de coral negro (15/49),2. Cueva azul (12/39),3. Escondite del buzo (12/39),4. El Arco de los sábalos ( 14/46),5. 5. El sitio de todos (12/39)



Description of the bottom: The waters around the Cuban archipelago are characterized by their gentleness mild tides and no strong currents, their warmth over 24°C all year round, their virgin conditions, no pollution and well preserved bottoms, the diversity of its underwater flora and fauna, and the total absence of aggressive animals.

The dives zone of  CIB Colony is located in the breath less paradise in the Punta Frances Marine National Park. There are 56 atractive diving sites, some of them in areas of dense and colorful populations of corals, gorgonians and sponges. Others are located where the drop-off falls sharply, also more than 50 caves, passages and tunnels, coral billocks and valleys are included. The kind of fish varies from one site to another, so you can find schools of tarpons, spadefish, jacks, grunts, schoolmasters and yellowtail snappers. Nassau groupers, black groupers and barracudas are frecuently found, also there are turtles, eagle rays and sometimes many diferent typs of sharks. Other diving zones are Los Barcos Hundidos, which are remains of sunken ships scattered on an extensive area betqeen 6 and 9 meters ( 20 or 30 feets) deep, with many schools of fish, including barracudas and stingrays, and a numerous sessile fauna attached to the ships.





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