Havana  La Habana was founded in 1519 and became Capital in 1553. The City with its more than 3 million inhabitants stretches over countless quarters, that are to be explored individually well on foot.


Famous through the historic old part of town from early-colonial time, that was nominated 1982 from the UNESCO to the world-culture- heritage, is also valid Havanna the most beautiful ports of the Caribbean and got as one the charm of bygone epoches still today. Especially well, one meets Havanna and its inhabitants with idividuel of stroll with our leaders through the city. We like to stand you with it with many tips by the side.

Old palaces, the colonial-museum and numerous bars as well as restaurants, in which one linger and should watch the colorful drift, are around the Kathedrals place.


The " Bodeguita Del Medio " is universally known where the " Mojito " was invented and the " La Floridita ", where Ernest Hemingway drank his " Daiquiri ". After his extravagant sprees, the author retreated into the hotel " Ambos Mundos " where one can view the room, in which Hemingway lived. Whoever is interested in literature, " real men " or both should to the Finca " La Vigia " of the Nobel laureate, drive the old part of town, that is overcrowded with hunt-trophies and personal things, 20 minutes south. Also a visit is read imperative in the restaurant " Terrazas " in Cojimar where Hemingway ate regularly with his/its Skipper Gregorio Fuentes, the model for the novel " the old man and the sea ". 


The Malecon with its colorful houses, the revolution-place, on which Fidel Castro give his famous speeches are always also the shore-street absolutely worth seeing under the gazes of the larger-than-life profile Che Guevaras at the wall of the communication-ministry. In front of the revolution-museum, Granma " stands in a glass-box of the fish-cutters " with the Fidel Castro and his trusted 1957 from Mexico to Cuba went, in order to start the revolution.


The Capitol, a reproduction of the original in Washington, the old theater and the Paseo, at which the Habaneroses meet each evening, are not far away to the sees and is seen. Each evening about exactly at 21 o'clock sounds since the 16. Century of the fortress " El Morro " a gunshot, that announced the shutdown of the harbor with a heavy iron-chain earlier and is celebrated with the colorful rite of the awake-change today. One finds a very good overnight stay-possibility in different hotels the Parque Central, directly at the Prado, around that The mile of Havanna. Whoever would like to enjoy the nightlife should begin with a meal in the old hall of the hotel Sevilla and then the " Palacio Del Salsa " in the hotel Riviera, that in the end Open Air-Discothek " 1830 " of the Malecon or at “club Havanna Caffee” in the hotel Cohiba visits. Also an evening is absolutely commendable in the world-famous Cabaret " Tropicana ".


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Diving in Havanna 
Cuban nights in Havanna experience and go on the day to diving and bathe at the most beautiful beaches of Havanna, the ideal vacation-experience of numerous guests is, that this “special” loves and had bewitched itself from this reciprocal ambience completely.  It gives around Havannas coast and beaches a big number of very beautiful diving-possibilities, that we have picked out for you and to which we invite you  with our diving-programs cordially gladly.  
Our diving-exits lead at the whole coast along Havanna and the diving-places become from the inviting “hotel Copacabana” in the western district Playa, that further city-away situated “Marina Hemingway” with the big marina Havannas, that 25 km west situated idylic “Playa Salado” and in the east of the famous “Playa Del Este” and the second-biggest Marina Havannas of the 22 km city-away situated “Marina Tarará” approached.  
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