Diving Education in CUBA

1. Which Dive Centre is in Cuba for an Open Water Diver education at the best suitable?

>> Our diving Resorts María la Gorda , Cayo Levisa, Playa Giron, Guajimico, Cayo Largo, Faro Luna,  the city bases of Havana and the diving bases of the Cuban Beach Places like Varadero, Santa Lucia, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco, Guardalavaca, Trinidad/Ancón, Santiago de Cuba are for an education according to our opinion the best suitable for an Open Water Diver course.

2. After which diving organization is trained? 

>> The Open Water Diver course is executed in these diving departments after SSI and finishes with an internationally valid diving brevet. The SSI-Education is the PADI-Education like and one can do all further advanced training diving courses world-wide after PADI or SSI in each diving basis.  

3. What else is trained on Cuban diving bases? 

>> On most Cuban diving bases, it is furthermore still trained after ACUC and CMAS. 

4. Is trained also on a Cuban diving base after PADI? 

>> Because the American embargo is subject to Cuba, PADI cannot train officially in Cuba. The single diving bases with a German PADI diving teacher has, is in Cayo Largo, Cayo Guillermo and Guardalavaca. 

5. How long, the Open Water Diver education lasts ? How many days?? How much theory, How many practice dives? 

>> The Open Water course lasts in 4 to 5 days. Begins first with the theory instruction, after the flat water practices and 5 education dives, all on 4-5 days to be completed. 

6. How is the education teaching? 

>> It depends from the diving student, how long the education actually lasts. The diving students get the teaching materials and visit the individual theory periods. It is learned from the theory books itself and the questions are answered brought to the instruction and then are discussed by the teacher Instructor. According to the theory, the skills is practiced practically in the flat water. At the end of the theory instruction, 50 questions are answered. After the flat water practices, the student does 5 Open Water Dives in deeper water and the education diving completes. 

7. In which language is taught??  

Teaching is mostly in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

8. Where did the Cuban diving teachers do their diving teacher license?  

>> Almost all Cuban Instructors was trained neatly in the Dominican Republic after SSI. The Canadian-Spanish diving education organization ACUC trained the Cuban Instructors additionally in Cuba and CMAS Cuba has a long tradition in Cuba for all Cuban Instructors. 

9.Which guarantee does cuba-diving and the Diving Centres give to the transaction of the diving courses?  

>> After booking is guaranteed the education, strong storm, which makes the free water education impossible, gives a break! However, you can lead the education at end after it. 

10. Is it possible to do other diving courses on the Cuban diving bases? 

>> Natural is executed also further education diving courses like AOWD or RESCUE on the Cuban diving bases. To the registration of such diving courses we contact always first the duty diving teachers on the respective wished diving centre, in order to guarantee this education possibility completely in your vacation. 

11. What does the OWD-Course cost? 

>> The prices of the OPEN WATER DIVER education deceased from Dive Centre to Dive Centre and from the size of the base and their cost scope dependent. For an OWD-Course, you have to reckon between 340 - 420 USD

12. When do I get my international Dive Brevet after the education? 

>> After the completed education you fill out with the diving teacher the “Certification Card form” filled with all persons data and the date of the completed education. This then is sent to the diving organization together with your passport picture. From the Diving Organisation SSI or ACUC you will get your international Open Water Diver Brevet, which is a baby diving ID card in credit card form, sent home to your address. Until then, you will get an international valid provisional brevet for the education from the diving teacher as confirmation.

Important: Please take 2 passport pictures of you to the course with you and get before a confirmed health statement from the doctor, that says you are healthy for diving. 

We hope to have answered you the first questions with these answers to your diving education!?

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In Cuba, it is the regulation to buy all  Dive Service Voucher in advance. Consequently, please book also all diving courses and diving packages of all diving bases in Cuba directly with us before start travelling.

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